The Soundtrack Of Our Lives  March 18, 2011 - April 22, 2011

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Bravo! Perfect hit! - [writing deleted]
A true ballad! - Burning Up
You're up in the charts! - [writing deleted]
Oh it's catchy! - [writing deleted]
It's worth an honorable mention! - For Noah


Write me a poem that has a lyrical appeal. Or proper lyrics, if you wish. It should be inspired by a song that has a major impact in your life. A song that defines you, a song that marked an important date, etc. Maybe a song that remind you of someone or something.

Anyway, what I want is a clear reference to the theme/words of the song of inspiration and a clear definition of the events that made it important to you.
So it's basically a song (lyrics/lyrical poem) based on another song. :)


Them pretty badges. :)


Karina Longo
Karina Longo
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