The St. Patrick's Day 2016 Poetry Contest  February 15, 2016 - March 17, 2016

Contest Completed


St.Patrick's Day 2016 GRAND PRIZE Poetry Contest Winner - ~ Irish Lesson ~
St.Patrick's Day 2016 MOST CREATIVE Poetry Contest Winner - Day of Green
St.Patrick's Day 2016 MOST HUMOROUS Poetry Contest Winner - Lament of the Fays


Contest Rules:

1. Poetry submissions only. Must be a St. Patrick's Day themed poem!
2. Poetry MUST rhyme.
3. Two submissions allowed per person but you can only win once.
4. Submissions can be any maturity rating.
5. Contest open to all WC members.
6. You can only submit your original poems. NO PLAGIARISM!

Deadline is: March 17, 2016. Three winners will be picked within one week from the end of the contest and I will announce them and send a direct message to the winners. The "Grand Prize" winner must supply a valid email address so the prize can be sent there. The email will only be used to send the gift certificate. It will not be sold, given out, or used otherwise and shall remain private!

There will be (1) one "Grand Prize Winner/Overall Winner" of the contest who will win the "St.Patrick's Day 2016 Grand Prize Poetry Winner" ribbon along with a $20.00 gift certificate (sent to you via your valid email address).

There will be (1) one "Most Creative" award winner who will get a "St.Patrick's Day 2016 Most Creative Poem" medal for their profile and bragging rights.

There will be (1) one "Most Humorous" award winner who will get a "St.Patrick's Day 2016 Most Humorous Poem" medal for their profile and bragging rights.

Good luck to all participants!


$20.00, All winners will get their poetry featured on my Facebook "Author's page" as well as on my Twitter page.


JL Jacobs
JL Jacobs
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