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Philosophy contest. I thought it would be interesting to see how philosophy makes its way into peoples' poetry.

This doesn't necessarily have to be a 'why' sort of philosophy (why does this happen, why does that happen, why does this exist, why do we exist), although that's the most common type. And they don't have to deal with something like 'does god exist?', it can be as simplistic as the meaning of love.

A philosophy poem would be anything with a profound meaning, especially encased in something simplistic. There's no line limit (it can be two lines or four hundred, I don't care). But you should arrive at some sort of conclusion, unless the purpose of the poem is simply to question and not arrive at an answer.

(If you want specific examples of the sort of poem I'm looking for, just message me)

Also, it doesn't have to fall under the poem genre, necessarily. If you think you've written a philosophical short story, or a chapter of your book that is philosophical, or a philosophical rant of some sort, et cetera, those are accepted (poetry is just a preference).


Be content with winning, I suppose. : )


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