The Top Ten Monthly Comp #1  April 25, 2009 - May 31, 2009

Contest Completed


May First Place - What I Lost On 9-11
May Second Place - Fallen Angel
May Third Place - Windward View
May Fourth Place - In the Event of Madness
May Fifth Place - Spirit Mother
May Sixth Place - The Intagible Escapade
May Seventh Place - A Goat From Another Planet
May Eighth Place - Old Lady Poem
May Ninth Place - The True Fountain of Youth!
May Tenth Place - Just a Thought.
Most Original - Impact
The Best Point - [writing deleted]
The Just Brilliant Award - [writing deleted]
Mention - Closet of Hearts
Mention - The Christmas Without Frank~Part 1
Mention - `Mercy~Her Sigh`
Mention - Demented
Mention - Heaven Doesn\'t Seem So Far Away Anymore.
Mention - [writing deleted]
Mention - Too much to ask


All you need to do is write something and submit it. I will choose which ones I believe are original, give a message across and just brilliant. Anything can be submitted and have fun! This is for May.

This contest will take be a while to judge so please be patient




John Morris
John Morris
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


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