The Urban Haiku  August 17, 2011 - August 28, 2011

Contest Completed


It's fresh! - [writing deleted]
It's hip! - bright throat, dim prospects
It's urban! - Black September Skies
It's cool! - After Hours
Dude, it's sweet. - Banksy
Dude, it's sweet. - Yellow bus


Many centuries ago, the Japanese invented a form of poetry they dubbed the "haiku." It is a short poem, following the pattern of five syllables, seven, and then five again, usually describing a beautiful aspect today.

Today, the plants and trees around us are dwindling. Instead all we see is concrete, graffiti, trash, and other man-made natures. My challenge to you is to write an urban haiku describing these man-made masterpieces about you. It has to be something man-made; thus, the "urban" part.


1] Must be 5-7-5 syllable pattern.
2] Must be about some man-made creation (i.e. graffiti, statues, fountains, public parks, abandoned ball parks, lonely boulevards, etc.).
3] Must be original. I mean this by using comparisons you believe that no one else has ever used before.
4] Have fun doing this. After all, we write for fun, now don't we? :3

If you need help counting syllables (goodness knows that I do), I have found a syllable/word counter here at the link below:

Good luck and remember to have fun with this!


Having fun, a great feeling of pride, and a pretty hip review from moi.



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Created Aug 17, 2011

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