The Window (Poetry contest)  May 24, 2010 - June 14, 2010

Contest Completed


Ultimate - The Window
Take a bow - The Window
C'est excellent! - [writing deleted]


Rules and regulations:

1. the poem must be titled 'the Window'

2. the poem must be based on the concept of a window, but the ideation is completely your choice.

Any genre, any content, mature or immature doesn't matter.
Poems will be judged on the basis of -

a) impact
b) use of figures of speech and innovative grammar
c) originality of phrases
d) imaginative strength of the poem and extent of description
e) imagery and sound

Poems must be single, books are not allowed. Shorter the poem the better. Poems may be fiction, non-fiction, surreal.
Pictures and colorful text is welcome. Although they will not increase the weight of the poem.

Now get to work!



Ishan Sadwelkar
Ishan Sadwelkar
Pune, Maharashtra, India


23 Contestants
23 Submissions
Created May 24, 2010

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