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Read the notes below, a little poem about entwined hearts.
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The Wings of an Ego  January 9, 2010 - February 9, 2010

Reading and Deliberating


Write a poem or short story (it says any writing, but I'd prefer poems and short stories, but it's your pick) about a person so egotistical that their ego pulled them through whatever hard time they were going through or helped them in their life's journey in an outstanding way.

Thanks for submitting anything, and good luck to everyone who enters!

"Here stands someone broken long ago,
Riding away on the wings of an ego." ~J S Dunn

*Don't steal those lines, because they belong to me.
*Contest Picture found here: http://andrew-ong.com/2008/03/11/the-eagle-is-a-chicken/




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J S Dunn
J S Dunn
Simpsonville, SC


2 Contestants
6 Submission
Created Jan 10, 2010

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J S Dunn is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact J S Dunn if you have any further questions.