The Writer's Cafe Interview  May 3, 2007 - June 17, 2007

Contest Completed


You Are The Larry King - Simply The Best (50 Year Anniversary Medallion) - [writing deleted]
You Scare Me Tim Sebastien - The Hardest Hitting Interview (Aunt Beeb Trophy) - *The Writer: what it takes to become noteworthy*
The Oprah Opera - Female Writers Award (Sponsored By Don Imus) - [writing deleted]
What The Borat? - Funniest Interview (Kazakhstani Medal Of Honour) - [writing deleted]
A Touch Of The Michael Parkinsons - The Interviewer Is A Nut (In Honour Of Meg Ryan) - [writing deleted]
I'd Rather, Dan Did It - This Interview Could Get You In Hot Water (GW Bush Memorial Award) - [writing deleted]


Maybe some day some of us will get famous. So, i want people to write a biography/introduction and then a full interview (like a magazine piece) about a fellow writer on Writerscafe. It can be any writer you like but they must be a member of Writerscafe...


The Understanding Of Your Fellow Writers On Here.


Wulfstan Crumble
Wulfstan Crumble
Cirencester, England, and Kishiwada, Osaka, United Kingdom


Created May 2, 2007

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