The WritersCafe Golden Globes  April 24, 2007 - May 24, 2007

Contest Completed


Most Emotion Conveyed - [writing deleted]
Best Nonfiction - The Most Prominent Memory


This is one of two connected contests in which we hope to capture lots and lots of talent. This specific contest, the "golden globes," will be for short stories specifically, while RJ will be moderating the "Oscars," which will be exclusively for poetry. The prizes are not first, second, third and so on, but rather, awards for different categories, as one might see in an award show for film or television.

-This contest's prize (mine, not RJ's) is presented by the production company that my brother and I run. The winner will choose their DVD of choice from our archive of productions upon the close of the contest. If you don't want a free movie, please tell me, because they are expensive to make.

- You may NOT submit anything that was published or submitted for the anthology.
-NO simultaneous submissions (i.e. don't submit anything you're submitting for twelve other contests)


A complimentary copy of an upcoming Sailing Dreams Productions feature film (on DVD, your choice)



Created Apr 24, 2007