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Legendary Writer of All Time! - [writing deleted]
Amazing Writer That Can Easily Become a Legend! - The Labyrinth
Great Writer That Has Great Powers With Storytelling! - [writing deleted]
Good Writer With Good Style! - 'Sylis' Chapter 1
Writer of the Fifth is Slowly Reaching Their Way Up! - Prologue: The Bargain


Not getting enough followers on your hardworked novel? Need to get the word out at how amazingly, brilliant your work is? Well now is your chance!

Only submit prologues and first chapters. Your submissions will be graded on:

1. Originality
2. Engaging story with a strong plot and characters
3. Proper grammar and spelling (but since I suck at that myself, I probably won't even notice a mistake. haha)
4. All that hard work you put into it.

*Garentee comment unless the title is, "Chapter 1" I can't search your story to leave a comment. So unless you want me to comment, please send me a message with the name of your novel. ;D

**The more contestants, the more trophies will go out!! :D



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