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Giving the reader enough details to feel what is happening is the most important thing a writer can to do to make their writing interesting. When writing, you should often consider the five senses: sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. This contest is asking for a short story (at least 2,000 words) based on the five senses.
This is what I DON'T want:
I walked into a room filled with salt.
I heard the salt crunch under my shoes.
I could smell and taste the saltiness in the air.
I could feel the salt in my air on my skin; it itched.

Do you see that? BOR-ING. Write something that emerses me into the story, where I can really feel the story, what is going on.
Write me something juicy - does that sound dirty? - something that I can feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. Yes, feeeeeeeeeeel.
Good luck!

Tips to HELP YOU win:

2)Use ALL OF THE FIVE SENSES! They aren't called the five senses for nothing!

3) PLEASE put your screen name in the body of the entries, as I read them from the contest page.

4) Be CREATIVE! Write something totally unexpected.


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