The most Random thing that you can think of.  December 9, 2013 - January 25, 2014

Contest Completed


Out of This World - Everyone In Cinderella Was Not A Nice Person
Past the stars - Welcome to the New Sin City
Shoot for the Stars - Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
You're nearly there - Tree


This is a contest to see what is the most random thing that you can write, that has a twist in it, to have it go from reality to drea,, imagination to reality, or vise versa.


$0.00, Reviews! A Friendship on the website with me.


Catherine Frain
Catherine Frain
Omaha, NE


16 Contestants
38 Submissions
Created Dec 9, 2013

Believe It Or Not
Believe It Or Not
This is my first attempt at slam poetry, and I'm excited to film a performance of this piece over the coming day.
WHAT AM I?: Nephilim
WHAT AM I?: Nephilim
A teen boy gets killed, but trades his soul for another chance. He changes. A girl notices the new boy with silver eyes.
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