The other side of the mirror  September 24, 2016 - September 29, 2016

Contest Completed


Realmweaver - Reborn Through a Phoenix
Mind reaver - Perception
String deciever - INTIMATIONS


make a poem that has double meanings it could be duality or anything else a poem that has multiple different meanings but only one true intention nothing over 1 page only poems created from 2016/09/24 until before deadline are valid if they are are created earlier than that they will not be considered eligible i hope to liven up some of your creative spirits go wild and most of all have fun !!
it seems that many people did not follow the rules for submissions to many to turn away for that so instead of denying them i will allow there entry into the contest i hope this is satisfactory to those that entered if not i can have another contest in the near future alright thank you for all your wonderful submissions.


if you place first i will read and review 10 works of your choosing


British Columbia, Canada


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Created Sep 25, 2016