The secret Admirer  February 8, 2010 - March 8, 2010

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Best response - The responce
most romantic - Rekindled is the Flame
most feeling - [writing deleted]
best in show - You will never know
great response - [writing deleted]
great response - The Secret


I've always loved poetry. especially when it comes from the heart. I've also always loved a good response poem. you know where you write something and then another is written in response to it. Sometime the response is written by the same person but sometimes it is written by someone else. these are my favorite. they give the writing a different meaning a a whole new insight.
this is my challenge for you. i have writen a poem entitled "The Secret Admirer". this poem can be found on my page so just click on the moderator and look it up. Your job is to write the best response to my poem from the view point of the one being admired. anything goes. the only rule is that it has to be poetry. good love and may love guide your pens.


pride and joy


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Orahemae December
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