There's More to Write About Than Love  March 8, 2011 - March 16, 2011

Contest Completed


Exceptional Piece - Two Brothers
Outstanding Piece - I WIll Remember
Very Good Piece - Lost In Lotus Seas
Honourable and Thought Provoking - The world has unfurled
Honourable and Thought Provoking - The Dark Months


Any poems accepted
except for love poems.
I hope you'll enter some
interesting, original and
thought provoking poetry.
New and old poems are allowed.
Anyone can enter there will
be no bias. Just 3 poems per
contestant. Every poem will get reviewed
unless I've already reviewed them.
The winners if you're willing will not only get ribbons
and pride. But will get featured on my page
as well as in my blog. Do your best and good luck.


$0.00, Ribbons, Pride and Featured


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Sweet & Tender Hooligan
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