This Kiss 2  June 20, 2007 - August 15, 2007

Contest Completed


God or Goddess of kissing - [writing deleted]
King or Queen of kissing - Price To Be Paid
Prince or Princess of Kissing - [writing deleted]
Lord or Lady in waiting of kissing - [writing deleted]
Damn Good Kisser - [writing deleted]
Damn Good Kisser - [writing deleted]


Okay same rules as the last contest of this name. Write a poem or short story BASED on the photo below. The more details the better. All short stories are to be 5000 words or less. No word limit on poetry. Use your imagination and have fun with this. Any poem or story submitted without using the photo AND not basing the work on the photo WILL be rejected.

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Lotta love from me.


Yira Simone
Yira Simone
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Created Jun 20, 2007