This is Real #3  August 4, 2015 - August 31, 2015

Reading and Deliberating


Greetings my fellow writers, you have arrived at the third installment of This is Real.

Just as before, what I'm looking for is a story, a story that is different. I don't want any romance lovey dovey stories, no "superhero saves the girl" stories... nothing typical. I want weird, out of the ordinary. Something that pushes the boundaries of society and of us as humans. Take a step over that line, the line which marks what is accepted.


Anything that is different. Raw human experience, feelings and emotions. Surrealism, hedonism. Anything that is supposed to be hidden.

Do you think you're writing shows what it is like to be a real human (opposed to that which we are "supposed" to be?). Does it show what hides behind the masks we've all created for ourselves?

Show me.


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Mirjana Ilic
Mirjana Ilic
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