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This would be good as a WoF.  March 22, 2007 - April 2, 2007

Contest Completed


First Place & Proud owner of a new WoF - [writing deleted]
Second Place! - [writing deleted]
Third place! - [writing deleted]


WoF is a new method of publishing.
goto for an example.
This an audio based format, get you thinking?
Send in your short story, and the winner I will convert into a WoF, as the prize.
this one will be based on votes (maybe one by me in future)
Remember when writing/judging a WoF has a music score, and sound fx work them in for better results.
1-5 page, WoF conversion will take some time


Will Convert the winners work to a Short WoF (see description)


V. Lucien Maier
V. Lucien Maier
Tooele, UT


Created Mar 22, 2007