Thorton's Acidic Revenge  December 28, 2008 - January 15, 2009

Contest Completed


1st. What the lube? =D - Escapist
2nd. Tastier than frosted bras! =O - [writing deleted]
3rd. Knock knock...Chuck Norris! =P - [writing deleted]
4th. Shake it like a Moonquake! =X - Death\'s Visit


Hmm...Just give me whatever comes out of your mind that has nothing to do with true love, songbirds, cheesecake, nasty shoes, or zombies. Give me a whirl of confusion that makes sense only in your mind. Things that are so random (and not including the things listed above) that they make someone want to rip off the toe fungus of Terry's mother nun. Okay? Go!


I will take a video of myself reading your poems or stories or whatever it is and post it on YouTube. Once it goes up, I will give you the link for it.


Never Never Land, IL


4 Contestants
9 Submissions
Created Dec 28, 2008

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Living in Italy
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