Three Different Pieces  April 27, 2013 - April 29, 2013

Contest Completed


Brilliant Poet April 2013 - what is love?
Great Poet April 2013 - For The King (Michael Jackson Tribute)
Good Poet April 2013 - Poetically Skitzo
The next best thing April 2013 - I Will Wait For You
Someone to watch April 2013 - Memories of You, My Dear Best Friend
I loved it! April 2013 - If Today Was Your Last Day
I liked it! April 2013 - Letter to God
Excellence! April 2013 - Flowers
Well Done April 2013 - Lucky
Good Job April 2013 - The Healer


I would like to have three poems submitted but they have to be on different topics, (if you do not have three on three different topics, you may submit 1, if it contains three items, tenses, or e.g. past, present, future). The winner will receive five reviews, either randomly selected by me, or requested by you.

TIP: I prefer poems that rhyme.

Each participant will receive one review.


Reviews on five pieces of your work, can be randomly selected or chosen by you



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