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So I don't notice any thriller, mystery, or suspense contests. Also, I don't notice many character development contests. I think there should be because not everyone writes fantasy, romance, science fiction, horror, historical fiction, and more genres.

You can write any type of writing

This contest is mainly about the thriller, mystery, and suspense, and character development. That doesn't mean it can have other genres mixed in. You can have romance, historical, horror, fantasy, crime, paranormal, humor and science fiction mixed in. For example, you could have a thriller with some romance in it. Another example is a mystery that can be with historical fiction. A suspenseful science fiction. Mix it up if you want of any extra genres, but it must have either suspense, thriller, or mystery in it.

About the character development. I want to love the hero or anti-hero. I want to be able to love or hate a villain. What I mean by that I either end up having a new character crush on a villain who is a terrible person or hate them so much that I want them to die.

Good luck. Message me if you have any questions. Just put "Contest TMSC" as the subject.


If you have a book, screenplay, or stage plays you are writing I will review the whole thing while you write. If not but you have poems and short stories I will read multiple of them and review.


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