Time to Rhyme  November 4, 2008 - November 27, 2008

Reading and Deliberating



They must rhyme. Just don't overdo it. No random rhymes.

Rhythm is a plus.

any subject, just make it powerful or beautiful and relevant to a subject/story.

In order to place, the rhymes must be numerous, often, brilliant!
don't restrict them to the ends of the lines or traditional rhyme schemes!
A good example of my own, I would like to see rhymes as numerous but relevant as this:

I Need (by Abigail Alliah)

a rain to wash away this terrible pain,
someone who'll wrack their brains and find a way to drive me sane.

I need

to cry, to feel inside its not just I that knows why I feel so lost,
someone to say it'll be okay another day,
that its alright and musn't fight the cries, must
let them out, and too will shout
of all the lies and meaningless goodbyes,
of all the doubt
and undeserving trust,
how no expression seems enough.

I need

for you to see I'm blue and feel it too,
know why I nearly can't speak.

For when I do your silence bleak makes my hopes few
of abilities to tweak either of our hearts.

Then out I freak, now nothing new.

I need

the sun to rise, to brighten my fading mind,
to lighten the eyes of my soul
and give control over this chaotic enterprise,
to warm the cold of these times.

I need
a brain to soak up this terrible rain,
for you to admit you're worsening my pain.


TONS of self-esteem


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