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Soveil Siviere - Carry The Way
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I was thinking about how I grade subjects of my reviews one day, before I decided how my third contest might play out. It was almost comical just how I came up with this idea, because it stems from a frequent inability of writers to create compelling first sentences and paragraphs. I don't know why this is, but it seems to be.

And SO! I present my third contest to you, Readers!

This time around, I am not looking for a short work or a first chapter. This time, I am seeking a first PARAGRAPH, and ONLY that. I want just ONE paragraph from each contestant, so choose your best, my Readers!

This contest will be measured based upon how interesting your first paragraph is, and by how much I would appreciate reading a story based upon it. As such, the limitations on each paragraph's length are as follows:

MINIMUM of 2 sentences.
MAXIMUM undefined, though for each sentence over 10 it will be penalized. A paragraph cannot tell a full story, after all, and should be enough BY ITSELF to warrant intrigue.

The best balance is to find a paragraph length somewhere between each limitation, for example 5-7 sentences. This should provide enough compelling content to warrant consideration for a medal.

To begin a story, how would you write? How, I ask of you? Well, show me, and perhaps you will come to know!


Three Story Reviews to First Place, Two Story Review to Second Place, One Story Review to Third Place, of Each Author's Choosing!


S. D. Forogar
S. D. Forogar


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