To Welcome Winter (Poetry Only)  November 1, 2011 - December 22, 2011

Contest Completed


Frosty - Where I and Nature Bond
Icy - White Magic
Cold - [writing deleted]
Cool - Winter Beauty
Chilly - Moon of the popping trees


November's here, the days are getting shorter, the air chillier and winter is coming!
What I want now are either poems that warm my heart or make it shiver from the cold, to worthily welcome this wonderful, coldest season in the northern hemisphere.
Give me your rimiest rhymes or prose poems, write about whatever comes to your mind when you think of winter and it's white wonders.
Being original will earn you cookie points.
Note down that the focus is on anything reserved to the cold season, mostly nature's gifts, or the emotions evoked by the phenomena, fantasy is allowed.
Submissions can be entered till Dec 22nd, when winter officially begins this year.
So it's on, write wintery words, odes to winter, and enter them before winter catches up with us!


The heart-warming feeling of having earned an award <3


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