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Contest Completed


Best New Serial (welcome to the group) - The Beginning is the End is the Beginning
2nd Best New Serial (you're awesome too) - SNIDE - Volume I - Chapter I
3rd Best New Serial (you're still allowed to join the group) - [writing deleted]


Submit the first episode of an episodic story. [For those of you that don't understand what I mean by that, think of something similar to a TV serial/series, such as a soup opera. Every week (or whatever) there is a new episode. It's the type of things you would see (or used to see) in magazines. It's supposed to make you want to come back every week/month/whatever. The length is up to you, but they generally tend to be shorter.]

This is a promotional contest to try and draw people to the group I just started. If you don't have anything to submit, but like the idea, please, join my group.

*UPDATE* The contest is now opened to any form, in case you saved your piece as a short, or a screenplay, or whatever. Also, every contestant is now allowed to enter two separate stories.


You and your story will be the next featured story of our group.


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