Top'O The Mornin' Contest  February 2, 2008 - March 17, 2008

Contest Completed


17 Pots of Gold - I could even be Irish...
16 Lucky Leprechauns - Irish Green
15 Drunken Leprechauns - Painting A Summer Day
14 Lucky Shamrocks - My Homeland
13 Bright Rainbows - The Leprechaun
12 Four -Leaf Clovers - A Farewell on St. Patricks Day
11 Lucky Charms - Irish Magic
10 Green Party Hats - Erin Go Blech!
9 Green Party Whistles - Irish Pride : Last One Standing
8 Shots of Irish Whiskey - Magically delicious
7 Tall Steins of Green Beer - [writing deleted]
6 Small Steins of Green Beer - The Sun
5 Stormy Clouds - [writing deleted]
4 Broken Shamrocks - The Irish Smile


Just a wee bit of magical writings is what I be askin' for~just send in any short stories/poems/rhyme or prose pieces pertaining to St Pat'rick Day
Anything like Leprechauns,Sharocks,and/or any green things your imagination
can bring forth~and use Green ink~ Joking~use any ink you want~just have fun and you may send up to 2 entries in for this contest~


A year supply of green beer/j/k again~Icons for your page


  Fran Marie
Fran Marie
Paris, KY


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14 Submissions
Created Feb 3, 2008