Totally Useless Contest: Who Can Lose First?  March 14, 2007 - April 19, 2007

Contest Completed


You Killed Your Reader Award - [writing deleted]
Second Worst Ever be Written Award - [writing deleted]
Third Ever be Written Award - [writing deleted]
You got an Award Award - [writing deleted]
It's a Bad Award! Feel Proud! - [writing deleted]
It Isn "That bad" Award - [writing deleted]
Could be Worse Award - [writing deleted]
Not Nearly as Bad as You Think Award - [writing deleted]


The object of the game is to lose. Who can write the worst Thing ever created? Actually, Who can write something so bad, that it might possibly blind the reader when read?


You obtain a large quanity of useless shit. This useless shit will only be a vast amount of knollege pertaining to the rise and fall of indoor plumbing. But hey, isnt something better than nothing?


Aaron J. Wald
Aaron J. Wald
Plymouth, MN


Created Mar 11, 2007