Tragic Tails  February 9, 2009 - April 9, 2009

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Congrats you made me cry *tear tear* - Daddy\'s Little Girl
I liked it i got a little sniffle and a tear. Good job - Last Chance with Ally
I liked it. Made a tear fall that's about it, but good job anyway ^_^ - In One Moment


Hey everyone, i'm into sad, death related stories that have a lot of heart in it. So i'm putting up this contest to see who has the ability to make me cry. The rules are simple.
1. It can either be about a family or or love between tow people
2. You have an opiton if you want to end it happy or sad, but i perfer sad
3. make me cry


Braging rights that yo had the abiltiy ot make the water works come out. lol


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Witness 2 Humanities Insanity
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