Tranquility: Where is it lost?  May 6, 2011 - May 16, 2011

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Anything like this one:

The day was more dark than night
Humans were more inhumane than beasts
What lost, not only were hundreds of lives but
also the hearts of their kith and kin
and trust of those who believe that peace always win.

Terrifying were both the sound and silence,
silence of death and sound of violence;
said one survivor.
It is easy , with two or three, to fight
but with one with gun, it always fright;
quoted the other.
We were not taking decisions,
it was the time that took these for us,
I don't posses any ill-will against these teenagers
with hatred who were squashed
and a little brain washed;
spoke the third agrieved.

Whatever the reason was behind this,
might of almighty or a play of reckless,
it was a question,
Will evil outweigh the goodness?

It made marks in bottom of hearts,
depth of souls and core of brains.
It was neither against me nor you,
rather it was a challange to humanity.
We need answers
not from govt. but from ourselves.

What has happened, were we responsible in anyway???


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