Transparency?????  January 7, 2010 - July 4, 2010

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should be a future President - [writing deleted]
a free thinking Republican - April 19th: At What Price Liberty
an American citizen with a good point - [writing deleted]


The current presidential administration was elected on the premise of fairness, bipartisanship, the removal of corruption and earmarks in legislation, and TRANSPARENCY. For me, all these things have gone by the wayside once the criminal administration that's currently in charge took power. Am I wrong? Am I right? Is it insane to utilize my First Amendment Rights to critisize the leader of the free world? Am I full of hot air? Do you have an opinion, a free thought of your own?
Let me know. Tell me what YOU think. Poetry, sattire, short story, any type of writing.


SR Urie
SR Urie


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