Trapped...(to the end)  June 26, 2008 - July 6, 2008

Contest Completed


The Iconic Award - For excellent writing skills - Hope to the END
The Griffin Award - For good writing skills - \"Dying Alone\"
The Saphire Award - For third place in story completion - Flood Waters Rising


Trapped...I could not escape, I knew to remain idle would be certain death, whatever I had planned, I needed to act fast, i was up to me to rescue them both, and unless I could find a way out of here...we would surely all perish...

I would like submissions completing this pragraph, they do not neccesarily have to connest exactly, but enough to make sense, what I am looking for in your submission is a resoution, good or bad is up to you it doesn't matter, just finish it, in under 1000 words.


R. Warwick
R. Warwick
Northampton, United Kingdom


5 Contestants
5 Submissions
Created Jun 26, 2008

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