Tribute To An Australian Poet ~ Milda Dulhunty  January 18, 2009 - May 10, 2009

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1st Place - Quiet Skies
2nd Place - Phoenix
3rd Place - [writing deleted]
4th Place - On Seeing a Wino on a Park Bench
5th Place - [writing deleted]
Encouragement Award - The Song of Trees
Encouragement Award - [writing deleted]


I have chosen a poem by Milda Dulhunty (An Unheralded Australian Poet)
which appears below for you to use as inspiration,
any direction your thoughts flow from it is fine.

"For The Man On The Yellow Bench" by Milda Dulhunty

Can he unthread
those disenchanted dreams?

The man who is curled
on a yellow bench
under a palm in the park.

Shredding the sunlight
with his arms embracing his face
like a cocoon.

Can he be a butterfly
when he wakes in starlight?

Time to press ink to paper and surprise me.


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S. A. Venus
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