True Love  April 9, 2008 - September 20, 2008

Contest Completed


True Love - [writing deleted]
You have achieved TRUE love - My Lovely
You KNOW true love - Kiss of the Serpent
Love is in the air - She\'s Everything
You have her kiss - You\'re like...
Love songs in the night - In One Moment
you never forget love - His Feet
He/She isnt far from your heart keep lookin - [writing deleted]
Your still looking for the one - This One\'s For You
Your heartbroken - How I feel About You
- I\'ll Love Him to the End
- Come With Me
- Drenched
- and that's all i am.
- Valentine
- [writing deleted]
- One and Only
- The Love They Will Always Know
- The Way He Is
- Can\'t Be Stopped


This is a contest to see who is the farest of them all, the most beautiful, the most true... the one you love the most. This is a contest where you can show all the world how much you love your true love.


The Award to show off to your true love. :D


59 Contestants
86 Submissions
Created Apr 9, 2008

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