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Try Something New!  September 1, 2013 - September 14, 2013

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Best Screenplay - A Vivid Dream
Best Book - Whose Story?
Best Story - A day in the life...
Best Poem - The Mahabharata
Best Stageplay - Opening Night
Best Chapter - Chpt 2 - Bob


How about trying something new? If you've never written a screenplay, write a short one! Or a short stageplay. If you've never written a poem, write one as well. Just try something new. For the love of god, I'm tired of seeing the endless slew of the same poems over and over. Give me something original and in an original format. If I start to see a bunch of samey poems, I'll go nuts. You get bonus points for screenplays, stageplays and books - because they take actual effort. Yes, I went there.


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