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Submission Accepted - [writing deleted]
Submission Accepted - [writing deleted]
Submission Accepted - [writing deleted]


Anyone with even a passing interest in pop culture probably realizes by now the massive wave that is upon us with the release of Twilight, the movie adaptation of the wildly popular teen-vampire romance novel by Stephanie Meyer. As a (semi-) responsible media outlet, Buzznet is covering the Twilight phenomenon from every angle and with every tool at its disposal in order to serve its info-craving readers. (Oh, you think vampires act out when they get hungry? You havent seen Buzznet kids when they dont get the content they want.)

One of the central elements of our upcoming Twilight package is actually tied into the story itself. In Twilight, as you may know, a girl named Bella Swan moved from Phoenix, Arizona where she was sort of lonely and not-so-popular to small-town Washington state, where she becomes an overnight sensation at her new school, receiving so much attention she struggles to handle it. (To say nothing of the fact that she eventually falls in a love with a, um, vampire.)

With the exception of the bloodlust, we think Bellas story is somewhat universal. So what were wondering is, hasnt anyone else wrestled with the trauma psychological or otherwise of moving to a new town, a new school, or a new life? Wed really like to hear your story, in your own words. Write the compelling but true account of your own trial or tribulation when you re-located (Did you find new friends or lose old ones? Did you find your identity? Or lose it?). Wed like to feature the best essays on Buzznet, a music-centric community that attracts more than 10 million readers a month.

The specs:

Please keep your piece to 800 words or less.
Please email all submissions to carrie at buzznet dot com no later than Nov 4th @ 5pm
Please remember us when you get famous, and dont say we didnt warn you.


Massive exposure and a link to credit you for writing the piece


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