Living in Italy Living in Italy
Ever dreamt about moving to Italy? Think again! Read the hilarious adventures of two Dutchmen who took the plunge.
Dark Streets. Dark Streets.
Oscar trudges home, late. Taking a short cut plunges him into darkness and peril.

Twilight Zone  August 17, 2011 - August 30, 2011

Contest Completed


Only in the Twilight Zone - One chance
Sci-fi winner - [writing deleted]
Better than the show - [writing deleted]
Worth Mention - [writing deleted]


I love the Twilight Zone! I want stories that would take place in the twilight zone. Pretty much anything creepy, horror, or sci-fi. I you would see it on an episode I want to read it! You don't even have to have ever seen the show. (NO VAMPIRE ROMANCE and no really long stories)


A warm fuzzy feeling inside because you won!!!


Alexa Tasch
Alexa Tasch
Providence, RI


13 Contestants
18 Submissions
Created Aug 17, 2011

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