Twisted Angst and Palpable Lifelines  June 26, 2007 - July 1, 2007

Contest Completed


Inferno:Winner; The Love was Forbidden but the Passion Exquisite - [writing deleted]
Abaddon: Second; The Flesh was Willing and the Soul Aflame. - [writing deleted]
Severed Gates: Third;The Entity of Indulgence Superseded the Darkness - [writing deleted]
Path of Destruction: Fourth; The Heart was Willing and the Spirit sought Deliverance. - [writing deleted]


This is a contest for stories about forbidden love with the supernatural.
No word limit. No limitations whatsoever besides the obvious...the story must be about one mortal and any supernatural creature. Entwine the struggle, depict the passion, outline the sacrifices. Heck, get as they say creative.

For the squeamish�

There need not be any actual sexual content for love to be forbidden. This is not a submission of merely lustful undertones but passion. True, uninhibited passion and that can be described with little to no contact between characters.

I love to see new work.



The ability to Gloat. Gloating is fun no?


Jillian Rossi
Jillian Rossi
Bay Area, CA


Created Jun 26, 2007