Two Prompts, One Story  August 31, 2010 - October 1, 2010

Contest Completed


Double Trouble - [writing deleted]
Done to Perfection - [writing deleted]
Delightful - [writing deleted]
Dazzling - [writing deleted]


Just as the title says, use two prompts to inspire a story, and enter it in. Prompts/Idea by Sara.

1. "Whoever invented that thing was a sadist."
2. I could solve this whole mess with just one phone call.
3. The air is so thick it sticks to my skin.
4. He could barely say it with a straight face.
5. "It's kind of... small."
6. It got to the point where she couldn't smell suntan lotion without wanting to puke.
7. She was wearing a bright orange silk dress.
8. "Someday you're going to wish you hadn't done that."
9. Red lipstick. A book of matches. A phone number scrawled on a ten dollar bill.
10. There were only three things that made her happy.


Nelson, New Zealand


Created Aug 31, 2010

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