Two Sides of Love  April 9, 2009 - May 1, 2009

Contest Completed


Beautiful Poetry Of Love - [writing deleted]
Darkest Poetry Of Love - The Darkside of The Moon
Brightest Poetry of Love - Simply You
Filled With Love - ~ A Love Without Limits ~
Written With Love - Covet
A Lovely Poem - [writing deleted]
Mentioned with Love - You make poison taste like wine
Mentioned with Love - [writing deleted]


Love is a wonderful thing. Love can also be a bad thing. Write me a poem whether it is the bright side of love or the dark side of love. Make it your best poem!


A LOVEly Ribbon!


Ali Heart
Ali Heart
Richmond, VA


40 Contestants
69 Submissions
Created Apr 9, 2009

Solemnly Swear
An action-packed suspense thriller that explores the fragile balance between justice and self-preservation.
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