Under The Hood: Psychoanalysis Stories  February 24, 2015 - March 24, 2015

Reading and Deliberating


It's time to get some insight on your character's psyche! Thanks to the grand and wonderful Athrodite, we've got a three awesome plots to fuel this contest. Feel free to enter any or all of the plots, and you can enter multiple pieces too - up to 6 total. All of the submissions will be read and voted on, plus, I'll do a full review on any of the pieces if the author wants me too.
Anyway, without further ado....
1. Write a short story or poem that shows how a character's past influences the actions of his or her life.

2. Write a short story or poem that reveals a character's hobbies, talents, or career. Why do they do what they do? Who inspired them? Are they proud or ashamed? Ect.

3. How does your character feel about his or her impression on others? Does your character want to impress everyone else, or remain largely unnoticed by society. Why?


Gloating Rights, Maybe some of Hazey's horrible art, semi-pro editing (aka by me)


Best Characterization Best Characterization
Best Analysis Best Analysis
Best Implementation Best Implementation
Most Insightful Most Insightful
Most Artsy Most Artsy
Most Unique Most Unique




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