Unfurl your Heart Part II  November 25, 2014 - November 30, 2014

Contest Completed


1st place - dirty rebel
2nd place - Within
3rd place - The One Way Trip
4th place - The Epiphany


In the first part of this contest, I asked people to submit work that contained personal pain. In this contest, I want people to submit one or more work (independent of all works uploaded on here) that goes along with one of the three topics listed below:

1) A piece of work (or more) that you feel eloquently describes a topic like death, loss, pain (mental/emotional only please), joy, new life, a wedding, etc. along with being emotionally charged/moving

2) Work that deals with something/a topic you find controversial (if you're going to talk about something like abortion, please do not submit it unless you have personally experienced that for yourself. IE: you were the person whose fetus/baby was aborted)

3) Work that is about feminism (it's fine if you're a feminist and it's fine if you aren't. Do not submit work that shames, ridiculous, berates, etc. someone for being one or the other).

NOTE: Any work over 6k will NOT be considered/read. At the beginning of the work you plan to submit, YOU NEED to state which topic/prompt you are responding to, otherwise your submission(s) will not be considered.

Good luck and happy writing!


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Created Nov 26, 2014

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