Unfurl your Heart  November 22, 2014 - November 24, 2014

Contest Completed


1st place - ` Form of Amusement`
2nd place - ONE LAST KISS
3rd place - Debriding my love
4th place - [writing deleted]
Runner up - Bleeding Poetry
Runner up - The Moment
Runner up - Deep Down Inside
Runner up - Winter Cuddles Us.


"Sometimes, you have to not show certain emotions/feelings. Show them at the right time, even if that means hiding them away for years."

If you are so brave enough, now is the time to share pain that you personally have endured, or are enduring, whether it's depression, unrequited love, the loss of someone in your life, or something else of that nature. You can submit up to 3 pieces of work, and it can be any kind of writing - story, poetry, etc.

Mostly, just don't be afraid to share your hardships; this is a safe place.


1st place gets a review on one of their works, 2nd place can have the same or a poem dedicated to them, 3rd place & 4th place get bragging rights.



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