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Fastidious Inspirational Writer - [writing deleted]
Compliant Poet - Wind
Stickler for the Rules - The Wind in the Canyon


Ok, are you ready for your many rules? Here we go:

1) The poem MUST either start out with "Whenever I hear the wind in the canyon" or end with it. Or have it somewhere in the middle. I scared you there for a minute when you thought it had to be at the beginning, didn't I? Anyway, that line HAS to be somewhere in your poem.
2) You have to include these four things somewhere in it, wherever you want: the midnight sky, some form of time (past, present, future), echoes, some kind of animal
3) You may not write this poem while chewing pink bubblegum
4) This poem DOESN'T have to rhyme although it'd be cool if it did. I can rhyme. I can rhyme anytime.
5) There has to be a question somewhere inside of this poem, one that's rhetorical or....I guess that's the only kind there really is, huh? Whatever. MUST HAVE SOME KIND OF QUESTION!! I want to see some question marks, people!
6) Also, because I believe in the torturing of writers, you have to compose it all in a different language. Nah, just kidding. But wouldn't that be cool?
7) And, finally, you must use at least TWO metaphors or personifications or whatnot in your poem.
8) And - ha! You thought I was going to make you do something else, didn't you? That'd be super duper mean though. You're lucky today's one of my good days.

I look forward to reading if anyone submits. This one is going to be a doozy!! Do you have what it takes???


A barrage of smiley faces from yours truly!!! Not much of a prize but...


Becca Bishop
Becca Bishop
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