Up to the Challenge? Contest  September 30, 2007 - October 31, 2007

Contest Completed


You ACTUALLY did it! - [writing deleted]


Okay, this contest has a certain outline you must follow. Write a story that includes the following things:
1)There must be a lighthouse. It doesn't matter how you use it.
2) There must be some refrence to Edward Teach (Blackbeard)
3) One of your characters must come from India
4) Your main character must have a strange pet. No dogs, cats, hamsters, or fish unless that fish is a dolphin which isn't technically a fish...
5) It must use a metaphor or simile dealing with a rocket, one dealing with a bone, and one dealing with ice cream
6) Must say somethign describing a color that is out of the ordinary. There will be no fire red, water blue, grass green. Use something like 'Tomato Red'
7)This is the last one. YOU must use one of the following words (doesn't matter which and you're free to use the other words):
swivel, silk, tweezers, pineapple, envelope, situated, button, boat, punctillious (precise), impassive, inclement, cupidity (eagerness) cajole (to hoax), and the word moil (to labor)


You win



Created Sep 30, 2007