Vampires (ONLY STORIES && BOOKS. IF ITS A POEM I  May 15, 2009 - July 6, 2009

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Vicious Vampire - Deadly First Date
Rogue Vampire - Deathly Weds
Blood- lust Vampire - Holding On
Killer of Vampires - Overture
King of Vampires - Moonrise
Lord of vampires - [writing deleted]


They say Vampires don't have hearts. But what if they do? What if their Vampires but they NEVER died? They could walk amoung us in daylight hours. They look just like us, they act just like us and they have the same body temputre then us.
But they can change their age to make it seem like their aging, like us.
I want you to write me a story or book on how they live like this, how they can walk ot in the sun, how they can get older or younger depending on them. Tell me. Make it Detailed. And a Little SEXY if you want. Just give me a good, egde of seat kind of story and/or book.


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