Vampyre One-Shots!!  March 2, 2010 - July 13, 2010

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Best Vampyre= Role in my book! - A silent Pain.


Okay, if you haven't read my Book, Arranged Marriage to a VAMPYRE?!?1 You should, because you're going to need it.

TASK: You have to give me a one shot on you and the Main male role in my story, Allix Prescott. Give me any kind of one shot. Let it have a lot of sex! Let it be a poem about how you feel about him! A Little screen play on the two of you anything! Or with the Female lead if you want, Skyler Tosh. Give me anything on the two.

Reward!: You will be reviewed out your BUTT!!! I'll give you a dayly shout out on my profile and the other websites I'm on and all that. So Read it and tell me what YOU think about it then write your own one shot! Go a head.


$0.00, Reviews and Maybe a role in my story!!!


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