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Vampyres! :)(:  July 21, 2009 - August 21, 2009

Contest Completed


You completely know vampyres...are you posistive you aren - [writing deleted]
You have got to be part vampyre! - [writing deleted]
Best Vampyric Character - [writing deleted]
Best Vampyric Romance - For the Love of the Moon
Best scenery - [writing deleted]
Best word choice. - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - The Hunters
Best Vampyric Couple - Stroke of Midnight (Working Title)


This contest is for books and stories guessed it Vampyres. (Yes I know that Vampyres is usually spelled Vampires. Deal with it I use both ways.)
I don't care if there are witches or werewolves in it, but I would prefer if the main character was a vampyre. Make it interesting, or romantic...or both!
ps~ I know it says all types of writing is excepted, but please only submit books, and stories.


honorable mention, ect.


Dusk's Dream. Dawn's Hope.
Dusk's Dream. Dawn's Hope.
Wheat Ridge, CO


7 Contestants
11 Submissions
Created Jul 22, 2009