Vicious Parker  June 3, 2008 - July 3, 2008

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Vicious Parker Poet - [writing deleted]
Venomous Parker Poet - A Pretty Little Habit
Virulent Parker Poet - Aquarium Skipping
Vicious Mention - The One They Skipped Over
Venomous Mention - But Your License Says You\'re Forty-six
Virulent Mention - What is Can Never Be


Because the last contest was so dominated by fiction, this one�s just for our Vicious poets.

It has been said that Dorothy Parker�s poetic works are akin to a blissful ride through a tunnel of love, abruptly halted by way of a large brick wall. Dorothy Parker remains as one of my all-time favorite poets. The spice of caustic wit in her poetry has always left me begging for more. Unfortunately, the Infamous Mrs. Parker only wrote so much and I'm pretty sure I've read it all.

That�s where you come in.

Dorothy Parker once said, �the only �ism� Hollywood believes in is plagiarism.� I�m not looking for plagiarism here. Instead, write a poem that heralds Parker�s typical virulent wit in your prose. I�ll be looking for that same venom that accompanies most of her own work. Write about love, write about heartbreak, write about life or write about death. But, whatever you write, create the piece with a pair of fangs that are longing to bite.

Two poems will be allowed for each contestant.

This is going to be a relatively quick contest. You only have one month.

Make 'em facetious, make 'em witty, but most of all make 'em VICIOUS!

If you don�t really know who Dorothy Parker was, please check out the following Wikipedia link before writing or submitting anything for this contest:

If you�d like to get an idea of the kind of poetry she wrote, check out this link:

And, just for fun: Here�s a link to a YouTube excerpt from the movie Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, with Jennifer Jason Leigh reciting as Parker:


Engraved Trophies for the Top Three Winners!


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