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Video Game Love  December 12, 2008 - February 10, 2008

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True Video Game Love! - [writing deleted]
Video Game Love! - [writing deleted]
Video Game crush that will never evolve but a really good piece of writing! U R good! - [writing deleted]


Video game characters can fall in love too. So why don't we point that out? Can you please write me a story about 2 video game characters (No Yaoi or Yuri, Gay or Lesbian please) that fall in love. *Hint: I may boost you up if you use Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2. Just a thought though. What do I know? Also, no Erotica please. Keep this appropriate.


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-cradle therapy-
-cradle therapy-
Inside My Own Mind, Amestris


Created Dec 12, 2008