Nocturne Nocturne
A story of music and nightfall amidst the hubbub of a city. A young musician chases his dream into the night.
The City of Angels The City of Angels
A failing musician at a crossroads seeks a second chance.

Views Of Our World  April 5, 2011 - July 14, 2011

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You know your opinions - World You've Created
You thought about the world - Magnum Opus
You are aware of your surroundings - Undefined Sanity


How do you see our world? You can write it as a poem, a story, a book, etc. I want description and I want to FEEL how you view our world. Put all your feelings into it and show me just how much passion you have.


Knowing your are awesome!


Darien Don
Darien Don
Rural, AK


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Created Apr 5, 2011